Press Room

At SPYS we try our best to put our message across through the various channels available.

Print Media
Our fortnightly Quest articles have proven to be a success with the readers of The Times of Malta year-in-year-out. They are meant to give insight on the World of the Young... young in spirit and young at heart. Tackling issues related to youths, these articles often provide a mix of challenging, active readership or otherwise a simple story that will leave some food for thought to whoever reads them.

Although not as frequent, press releases are our means of keeping the general Maltese public informed about our activities and their outcome. These are often sent to all local news media, mainly print and online.

Our website has become a means of making the wider world know about us and the work we do. For instance, making our annual report public is a first in the history of SPYS.

The use of third-party websites like and is also helping in firstly keeping contact with youths who came in contact with SPYS in the past, and moreover getting more people to know about us, thus making more people realise that youths are not a negative bunch of people but persons filled with positive energy.

Other organizations
Having said that, there is more positive in today's youth than what the media in general portrays. Our work as well as the work of other youth organizations definitely confirm this. So yes, take time to visit our links page. It's dedicated to youth organizations as well as websites done by youths, for youths.