Adult training Past

Stress Management - Take charge of your life

Many of us have experienced situations when the pressures of life seem to be too much... moments when we would like to stop the world which we just cannot catch up with. The good news is: yes, we can stop the world!

Eddie Fitzgerald and Eilis Bergin, two international presenters from Ireland, led a weekend seminar organized by the Salesian Pastoral Youth Service, dealing with practical ways on how we can just take charge of a life which constantly threatens to control us. The 60 participants, young and not so young, came from all walks of life; but most of them were involved in work with youth.

Through this weekend, the Salesian Pastoral Youth Service aims to facilitate the formation not only of the young but also of those who are at the forefront of educating young people.

The weekend ended with a Mass, which highlighted a Gospel theme which was present throughout: Martha and Mary both have a place in life... but on that occasion, Mary made the best choice.

Enneagram - Getting to Know Yourself

Discovering yourself, accepting what you are and how others are made up and then understanding how you can make your life work, sounds like a difficult and often painful task. Many of the participants in the workshop about the Enneagram shared these feelings upon arrival for the weekend seminar organised by us, in Savio College, Dingli. But the two experienced international presenters from Ireland, Eddie Fitzgerald SDB and Eilis Bergin PBVM, immediately created a relaxed and at the same time intimate atmosphere which made the inward journey a liberating and often enjoyable experience.

The 85 adult participants are all involved in work with the youth and the media. By the conclusion of the weekend many bonds were created, the most important of which was the meeting with the real self within; a unique and wonderful self which is often left undiscovered behind clouds accumulated during life's stormy experience.

This seminar was one of a series of encounters addressed to adults involved with youth. Through these activities, the SPYS aims to enable the participants to be more effective leaders and builders of a better society.

The Way of the Dream

In a weekend seminar organised for adults by the Salesian Pastoral Youth Service, dreams were discussed in the light of various schools of psychology. Dr. Jack Finnegan SDB who led the seminar worked with the participants helping them through the symbolism that people experience in their dreaming.

Dr. Finnegan, who lectures on spirituality and psychology in Miltown Institute - Dublin, worked through the maze of what might normally be considered as a meaningless fantasy uncovering a reality which is often ignored. Becoming aware of the meaning hidden in our dreaming in fact brings us closer to ourselves and more in touch with the reality we are living.

This seminar was one of a series that Salesian Pastoral Youth Service organises with the main aim of helping those who are involved in youthful reality.

Grieving - Coping with Loss

140 people attended the seminar. around half of them were University students who benefitted twice from this learning experience, since it was offered as an optional credit within their respective courses. Others were older people who needed to understand the grieving process both to deal with their own experiences of loss and to help others grow through their losses.

Some might not have associated the title "Grieving - Coping with Loss", with a weekend seminar related to youth. But after the huge response for the weekend organised by the SPYS we have come to understand young people's needs in a different light.

Becoming a Leader for Change

In the beginning … there was change. Many times we are called in situations where change is caught up in resistance and confusion. In these situations we are all too willing to absolve ourselves of responsibility by calling upon people in leadership to do the thinking and take the decisions for us. Even more amazing to us is the ease with which people in leadership assume the roles of parent, protector, enabler and fixer instead of developing and leading others to find their own solution. This workshop will help you with the basic knowledge, values and skills to work creatively and lead effectively. It proposes ways and means how you can transform leadership, offering a new vision of leadership in the new millennium.

The Genogram

You are what your family is… whether you like it or not!

Throughout this weekend the participants were invited to look at their family of origin in a new light. They discovered that there’s more of each one’s family history in each one of us than one might imagine. They were assisted in understanding themselves better by understanding the dynamics, patterns and hidden strengths of their family context.

This weekend was intended to help those who are trying to know more about who they are or working to help others in their search. Most of the 120 people that attended were involved in working with young people; some others were university students who participated as part of their course work.

Life Passages- an Introduction to Dramatheraphy

One could ask ‘What is Dramatheraphy?’ or even ‘How could drama be possibly used as a therapeutic process?’ These were the exact questions I asked myself as I decided to take part in this seminar. Here I am about to share my experience of the weekend with you.

First of all these three days were an opportunity for me, and many others, to stop and reflect about our lives and about the various life passages (to speak in dramatherapy terms!) that we had been through. Such a reflection helped us to appreciate more the various choices we made in life, as well as be more conscious about the issues that we need to work on.

Students, teachers, social workers, and others gathered together for three days to learn more about the art of dramatherapy. The process of the seminar was aimed to make us participants be proactive in the process of learning, i.e. the sessions were thought out to allow us to participate actively. This participation varied from merely sharing our opinion to expressing ourselves through plays, mimes, painting, clay making, etc.

The group spirit that developed along the days spent at Savio College was something I did not really expect, considering the diversity existing between us participants. This spirit was vital to make this seminar the success it turned out to be.

The presenter, a trained Dramatherapist, facilitated the process of building a safe environment within the group. He was capable of explaining to us this different approach to therapy in a concise way, thanks to his down-to-earth approach.

The seminar was part of the planned Adult Training Weekends held yearly by the Salesian Pastoral Youth Service. These seminars are aimed directly at professionals to further their training in their respective field. The presence of different professionals made the experience even richer as we got the viewpoint of different perspectives.

The accomplishment of this seminar was evident when the participants themselves suggested to have a follow up weekend to continue the topic in more depth. On a personal level I learnt more about Dramatherapy, but more importantly I met a group of young people, some of whom are young at heart, and I feel that I received a big gift with their presence in my life, even though this presence was short!

Story Art of Change

Every person has a unique life story. In telling their story people sometimes think that it is being written by others; but you can be the author of your own story. This weekend will help you to move away from being “the victim” of circumstances to being “the author” of your own autobiography.

With this awareness you can help others find their true role in their own story and make the best choices in life.

Intimacy & Autonomy

This weekend workshop helped those who attended to understand how the quality of attachment effects your way of relating to yourself, others and God.

Dr. Jack Finnegan went through the attachment theory, a theory which empowers you to apply its understandings to help others to build a secure base.

Dreams & Spirituality

Dreams speak to us even on spiritual level.

During this seminar we explored the uses of dremwork in spirituality.

Dr. Jack Finnegan, discussed contemporary dream theories together with historical and current spiritual development and Biblical traditions.

The participants were engaged in pratical applications of the use of dreamwork.