The ups and downs of teamwork

The value of teamwork was the main theme of a weekend seminar organised by the Salesian Pastoral Youth Service(SPYS) at Savio College.

24 young people, most of them university students, attended the seminar. The participants had time to explore and experience what it means to work in team, with all its advantages and problems. They also had the opportunity to live together in a healthy environment in the spirit of a family based on Christian values.

Seminar on immigration and youth refugees

Seminar Bollington UK _1
From 9th till 12th of October,12 European Salesian Youth organisations met again in the Savio house in Bollington. This time the topic was immigration and youth refugees, but also the future perspectives for Don Bosco Youth-Net were part of the agenda. For the first topic, we invited Fr. Chris Heaps SDB, to explain us some basic principles and thoughts on this topic. Starting point for his lecture was the manifesto on immigration that was made by the international Salesian community during a seminar in Barcelona in February 2003.

Eurotreff 2003

EuroTreff 2003_4
I look back and I see myself two weeks ago, trying to figure out what would I experience in this so called ‘Eurotreff’. I was born in a very Catholic environment but to be honest after a whole summer of hard work, I wasn’t actually looking forward to pay this trip to Vienna to spend all the time praying. But something kept me on and during our preparations as a group I saw something different.

All the members of our group are very hectic students all year round but all of us made it to our meetings and preparations. Being a student involves a lot of study and hard work, free time is quite limited. Therefore it was quite a surprise to be part of this group of students, who rather then rest in their free time choose to dedicate it to a group who enriches catholic values and who encourages the sharing of one’s talents for the benefit of others. I personally found it quite amazing and I thought that such youngsters are extremely rare to find. I could see it from the very first meeting we had, that everyone had a special talent and the group was nothing but homogeneous. Our leaders, Louis Debono and Fr Paul chose this group carefully.

SPYS Crosses all Lines

Across the lines- April 2005_20
The Salesian Pastoral Youth Service (SPYS) last week organized a multilateral youth exchange and training course for 36 participants from nine different countries entitled Across The Lines – Empowering Young People to Take Charge at Savio College in Dingli.

The week was supported by funds from the YOUTH Programme of the European Union and Salesian youths from Malta, Spain, Great Britain, Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Slovenia and Slovakia took part.