‘Glocalising’ International Volunteers

Group Photo
Valdocco, Turin (18th - 21st Nov.)

Inspirational, energetic, fun, motivating, are just a few words to describe the great experience we had at Valdocco, Turin. Besides being in the European Youth Capital of 2010, Valdocco was chosen as a venue because it is the place where Don Bosco started his movement.

"Glocalising International Volunteers" focused on the concept of active citizenship. The aim was to motivate us to use the "global experience" we acquired during our international voluntary service to make a social change in our "local environment". This was achieved without doubt as motivation accumulated throughout our stay!

Valdocco brought together twenty three participants, from nine different EU member states. Amongst these were my great travelling companions Luca and Daniela from Malta. Common between all participants is that we worked as volunteers in Don Bosco projects worldwide. During this seminar we had the opportunity to exchange our experiences and see how we could transform them into a renewed engagement as a volunteer in our local communities.

The program was very diverse: active workshops, presentations, study visit to local projects, reflections, discussions, an intercultural evening and informal moments. One of the most interesting topics was that of becoming aware of the differences between volunteering and active citizenship. This in turn evolved into a discussion on the national/local needs of young people and concrete activities we could realize.

Personally this seminar revived my voluntary experience in a new way. It not only invoked new ideas to become actively involved locally but also a sense of wanting to do something to make a difference.
I'd like to thank the trainers of the project, the support staff from Federazione SCS, DBYN and SPYS for making this experience possible.


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Written by Christina Said