We can´t remember the day that we started to speak about the possibility of stay in a Summer Camp in Malta. We were very nervous and excited because this was the first time that our Youth Centre had an experience like this. Lot of hours and e-mails in front of the laptop made possible that our stay in Malta became true.

When our plane landed, and we went downstairs, our heart started to feel something special. We didn´t know if was the weather (that was very different in our town), the tiredness, the nervousness or the uncertainty.
Being in the Summer Camp in the "Oratorju San Filippu" has been a good experience for us as we have shared good moments with all leaders and with the kids.

During these weeks we have learnt new ways of solving the kids´ problems as each one has different behaviours and different needs. The kids are very friendly and hard-working. They have participated in all the activities with energy and fun and they have learnt some Spanish songs and games like "Chuchugua".

Regarding leaders, they are a fantastic group as they have taken care of us like one of their family. They have given us the best of them and they have helped us a lot when we were a bit lost. We have felt like being at home thanks to them. Thanks for everything.

Besides, this experience has helped to know more this wonderful country: the Maltese culture, the beautiful buildings that it has, the Maltese food...

We are glad we had this opportunity as we have seen how other youth centre works and we have shared ideas. We hope that this experience was the beginning of a great job together.

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Written by Juan Pablo & Cristina (Spanish Volunteers)