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Awareness is one of our Freedom Keys by Fr. John Horan

A little girl’s poem captures the fact that keys can sometimes be the bane of our lives. Yet in our highly mechanised world, they are indispensable. The exclamation, “Where did I leave those keys?” is often accompanied by a quick prayer to St Anthony! We may ‘tear our hair out’ wondering where we left our car keys. Without them we’re going nowhere. Lose a bunch of house keys and we are thrown into a tizzy. Our anxieties go into overdrive. Our vulnerabilities and insecurities float to the surface. Do we have to change all our locks?

You’re Welcome... by Alexia Francesca Grech

It’s been quite a while since I have written anything, but I feel I have now got the perfect story to share with you. I am currently going through ample changes in my life. Moving countries is the main one. About a year ago I decided to undertake the journey to the uncomfortable feeling of the unknown. If this alteration is so drastic, why would I want to go through with it, one would ask? Well, simple really. I came to realise at quite an early stage, that I only have one life to live, and from that moment on, I promised myself that I would go to all the necessary extremes to make it worthwhile. Now that I have actually settled down, I willingly opted to expose some of my recurrent thoughts and feelings, in the hopeful prospect that they aid those at crossroads. The format, you will see is quite unorthodox. I am firstly going to recount to you a story which for me represents, in a nutshell the point I would like to get across.

The Yellow Umbrella

Once upon a time there was a country which was grey and sad, where when it rained all the people went around the streets with black umbrellas. Just only black ones.

Everyone had a sad crunched up face... But it couldn't be otherwise under a black umbrella!

Eurizon 2008: Springs of You(th) by Bettina Gauci

The Salesian house in Krakow was alive with activity on the 18th of august, luggage being brought it, doors being open and shut, running up and down corridors, the sound of laughter and animated conversation in different languages. This was the start of Eurizon 2008, a whole week filled full of sessions, activities, meditation and prayers, in a Salesian atmosphere.