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Follow your Dreams by Ryan Bugeja

When Santiago, a young shepherd dreamt of being near the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt one night, he woke up the next morning still doing the same job he did for the past years. The sheep, the hills and the whereabouts in Andalusia were his life. He would sell some wool to some merchant and that pint of milk every now and then. Santiago liked his job…he could travel a lot looking for good patches of grass for his sheep to feed upon. But the Egypt dream haunted him.

Sharing Resources by Ryan Bugeja

It’s Christmas time. And we have already started being, to say the least, bombarded by all sorts of organizations collecting this, this and that in the name of charity. For that reason… it is probably the nicest time of the year as the true generosity comes to life and for at least once in the whole year, we all set our daily thoughts aside for those who are most in need. Charity is one form of sharing resources. However, sharing resources is not just about charity but also a way of working and pushing the common good…of a group…of a nation…of the world.

Make Your Dream Come True – through Volunteering by Charlotte Busuttil, Kathleen Zerafa, Mahira Sheikh and Marita Galea

Many of us have dreams. Some of our dreams are about careers, others about marrying, or about achieving something meaningful in our lives. Some dreams go beyond the shores and borders of one’s country. Other dreams even cross continents.

The Quest of Life by SPYSTeam

Life is a quest…a personal mission. Each and every one of us chooses how to live, very often depending on our psychological, social and spiritual background and circumstances. This mission, this quest, makes us experience good moments and less good moments.