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Press Release EN

Relationships Seminar

A group of 21 teenagers from Lija took time off from their usual weekend activities to spend time together at Savio College, Dingli. Accompanied by their leaders, they participated in a seminar organized by the Salesian Pastoral Youth Service. The young people, in a lively and creative atmosphere explored the meaning of relationships. They focused on the essential role that healthy relationships have in each one's growth. Living together and learning to accept and respect each other were the secrets of success during the weekend, as it should be in everyday life.

Stress Management made easy

Many of us have experienced situations where the pressures of life seems to be too much... moments when we would like to stop the world which we just cannot catch up with. The good news is: yes, we can stop the world.

Formative Weekend For Youths- more than just a dream

DREAMS and ambitions are at the heart of many young lives... yet for others life doesn't seem to hold much promise. One of the first steps one has to make in order to discover meaningful dreams and their possible realisation is to understand what is really going on mentally and emotionally. Only then could meaningful relationships be built with the self, others and God.

SPYS Seminar : A Time to Relate

The Salesian Pastoral Youth Service recently organized a weekend encounter for young people, entitled 'A Time to Relate'; the participants were involved in a process of discovering the great influence that relationships have on each one's life. Understanding and building positive relationships often means a greater understanding of self and a more meaningful way of life. Through the twofold aim of person-building and community-building the Salesian Pastoral Youth Service aims at accompanying the young towards the discovery of authentic life values.