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Intimacy & Autonomy

The Salesian Pastoral Youth Service will be organizing a weekend seminar from the 4th to the 6th of November, on Intimacy & Autonomy, a way of
understanding the ups and downs of life through the concept of attachment theory.

This weekend workshop helps you understand how the quality of attachment effects your way of relating to yourself, others and God. It also empowers you to apply these understandings to help others build a secure base.

SPYSQUEST - celebrating ten years of SPYS

SPYS Quest 2005_12
The Salesian Pastoral Youth Service (SPYS) is celebrating the 10th anniversary of its foundation. SPYS' aim is two-fold - person building and community building, as it helps young people to discover authentic life values and helps them be true leaders in our society.

Through an optimistic view of life in the light of the Gospel, it seeks to develop and implement a programme of holistic Christian formation, which enables the young to grow in friendship with the Lord and peace with their self, and encourages them to reach out in a ministry to others.

SPYS in Prague for Eurizon 2005

Eurizon 2005_4
The Saesian Pastoral Youth Service (SPYS) recently participated in Eurizon 2005 - a European youth encounter, which was held in Prague this year.

Touching lives through sports

The Salesian Pastoral Youth Service (SPYS) organized a weekend seminar at Savio College in Dingli with the theme Touching Lives Through Sports.