An Indescribable Experience – Vakantiebos 2011!

 Holland Vakantiebos 2011_6
The time had finally arrived for Marija Camilleri and myself to commence to a whole new experience which was waiting for us in Rijswijk, Holland. At the time, we only had a small idea of what was going to happen to us and what we might be doing, but who knew that so many new experiences awaited us!! We had no expectations whatsoever so everything was a surprise.


MEET ME Group Photo 2
 40 young participants from 8 different countries spent 9 exciting and sunny days in Malta between the 8th and 16th of August, where they had the opportunity to integrate with other European youths, experience and learn more about different cultures through adventure and fun activities organised by the Salesian Pastoral Youth Service (SPYS) in Malta.

Eureka 2011

 Eureka 2011- Germany_4
On Saturday, the 6th of August 2011, we four Maltese youths; Luke Attard, Fiona Camilleri, Angele
Debono, and Jacob Spiteri, began our journey towards the beautiful German countryside. When we
arrived we were welcomed by around 45 smiling faces, and much cheering and clapping. We had
arrived for the week long youth exchange ‘Eureka', held in Benedictbeuern. This youth exchange
consisted of a week of various activities and creative workshops prepared for us by the organisers

MEET ME : Stories from the Previous Day :: Day 7

 Photo of the Day_8
Monday was quite an emotional day, being the last day... First we started off with some fun games outside, which once again showed how competitive we all are! Then after a short lunch break, we had a blissful affirmation exercise which included us drawing out our feelings, giving something back to each other, taking care of each other and sendingpositive messages to each other. The emotions started running high at this point as most of us were already sad to think about leaving this place!

MEET ME : Stories from the Previous Day :: Day 6

Photo of the Day_6
Yesterday we started off late, after those very active days, and after a Spanish Good Morning we head off to Dingli Cliffs for a nice walk to see the breath-taking views of the sea and the small island of Filfa.

The morning proceeded with an explosion of creativity and talent when we all took part in the workshops prepared for us - yoga, juggling, improvisation, acting, and audio-visual. Later on we started our Talent Show preparations for the Closing Night... which is now just hours away!

MEET ME : Stories from the Previous Day :: Day 5

 Photo of the Day_6
Some called it "the best day so far".... well I guess, each day had its own spark and fun moments, but really, what made Gozo special first and foremost was Gozo itself.

The island, as you noticed, is a true stunner.... the acitivity just made the whole day even more special with the jeep safari tour, interaction with the locals, having lunch like and with the Gozitans... and the great atmosphere that we have been able to create between us.

MEET ME : Stories from the Previous Day :: Day 4

Photo of the Day_4
What a day that was! The word “games” was probably coming out of our ears by the end of it... We started off early in the morning with fantastic beach games at the Golden Bay beach which saw the powerful Team 6 progress through all the stages to win the intensive games.

During the afternoon we got to experience different cultures through games from all the countries. We laughed, we ran, we exchanged hats, we gruntled, we sighed, we fire-footballed... and we laughed a little bit more! 

MEET ME : Stories from the Previous Day :: Day 3


Photo of the Day_3
Yesterday was yet another exciting day at MEET-ME, which also gave us the opportunity to get to know more people from different countries, bring out the creativity inside us and visit the majestic Silent City. In the morning we kicked off with the fun and competitive Safari Hunt when we tried to find all the hidden animals. It was fun watching the Winners throw fresh cream at the LOSERS :-)

Creativity was booming in the afternoon during the Meet Me’s Next Top Model - well done to all the teams! 

MEET ME : Stories from the Previous Day :: Day 2

Photo of the Day_2
An early morning it was yesterday as we jet off to the capital city, Valletta, to enjoy a nice breakfast in Independence Garden followed by a Good Morning by Germany.

MEET ME : Stories from the Previous Day :: Day 1

Photo of the Day_1
The first day was surely not short of water splashes and sea! After a nice Good Morning by the British participants, we were Welcomed by the entertaining Maltese Host Team during the Opening Morning.Water Games and a First Aid session followed, making sure the morning was a refreshing one!