SPYS and Friends 'Walkabout'

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Sunday the 15th of March was a perfect bright day for the Salesian Pastoral Youth Service’s (SPYS) monthly outreach session organised by SPYS & Friends. This month’s activity named SPYS & Friends 'Walkabout' brought fifty youths together and consisted of a walk around Dingli where the youth got a chance to mingle socially. After the walk, everyone got together for some fun activities and games at Savio College. The afternoon ended off in a traditional SPYS reflection moment and spent some quiet time reflecting in the chapel.

SPYS & Friends is a sub-group of SPYS which prepares sessions and invites all youths who have become acquainted with SPYS on a monthly basis. In the spirit of Don Bosco, SPYS & Friends reaches out to youth by offering a fun and homely atmosphere where one can get to know new friends, learn new things and build themselves on a spiritual level.