Mdina Hunt for Appogg Employees

The sun was out and it was quite breezy in Mdina when a group of APPOGG employees from the Child Protection Unit met for half a day of team-building sessions led by SPYS.

They were 11, all geared up with a competitive attitude between them to make sure that whatever the challenge is, they win. All of them wanted to win.

Two of the SPYS members greeted the team and had a little chit chat with them so as to break the ice. This was followed by a round of names where the group started forming a big circle so that the sessions could start. The leaders prepared two light, short energizers which yet required focus and energy to start the team up. The energizers were chosen with the intention to build up levels of communication, even physical communication.

The first energizer was merely communicating by word of mouth. The second one included more of the physical touch. These levels lead the group to build confidence and a sense of easiness between them for the big game - the treasure hunt. The participants were split into three groups and the game took off.

Every group had to meet the leaders at a certain place, after completing a clue, so that they could be given the following one.By the end of the treasure hunt every single member was panting heavily. to say the least, but most importantly, with a smile on their face.

APPOGG employees seemed to have enjoyed the sessions prepared for them and the leaders were happy to have successfully delivered a fun session with a group who fully participated.

Written by Dawn Cassar