SPYS&Friends May 2009 session - BLACK Video Forum

black flyer
“One day, we all have to go through darkness into the light”.

‘BLACK’ was the theme of SPYS & Friends monthly session of May. A group of approximately forty youth met a Savio College in Dingli for the evening which started off with an activity in which the attendees were placed in a pitch black room in order to get them into the atmosphere & experience the feeling of being in a ‘black’ world. Many of the youth in attendance had tears in their eyes during the following inspirational and touching DVD, which got the youth in attendance thinking on a deeper level for the discussion which followed. During the discussion everyone had the chance to share their views of what it means to them to be in a world of darkness. This theme was tackled from different aspects: spiritually, emotionally and socially. The evening finished off with a reflection moment giving importance to the search for light in black moments.