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We can do no Great Things… by Kevin Borg

Mother Teresa of Calcutta once said that “We can do no great things, but only small things with great love.” With those words in mind, I had been longing to do some voluntary work in a developing country for quite a while. I wanted this experience to be a holistic one, whereby the active work done amongst the poor could be connected to the spiritual side of the experience.

A person called YOU by Wendy Borg

I reached out looking for a towel like I do every morning after my shower because I can’t see to find it through the steam that fills the room. I know exactly where it is because I have been in the same routine ever since we bought our second home. After I use the towel to dry the water off my face I walk over to the sink, and wipe off the bathroom mirror with the same towel I have just used to wipe off my forehead. I look into the small hole that I have made in the steamed mirror and think to myself, “Hello, who are You?”

We boil at different degrees by Wendy Borg

“ …I want my anger to be healthy; I want my anger just for me; I need my anger not to control; I want my anger to be me; I need to set my anger free…” (St. Anger – Metallica)

Cutting Through by Ryan Bugeja

It’s getting warmer yet Maria is wearing long sleeves. Her father noticed some scratches on her arms as she helped with the washing after lunch. She said it was the cat.. Her mother noticed Maria turning secretive, spending longer times in the bathoom and moreover, too much time alone in her room… Maria is cutting herself.