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Our life…God’s loving gift of hope by Ryan Pisani

It seems such a short word…’life’. A Simple word but so strong, yet taken for granted. One word that describes many things. 4 letters that describe a whole cycle. Life…yours and mine…same word, different meanings.

People and Prejudice by Ryan Pisani

In life we meet many people. We meet them through our daily life, on the bus, at school, at work, at the shop, our neighbours. With some we talk, with others we may have said a word, and with others we try to avoid altogether.

Each person has his or her background - history, family, culture. Even we have our own background, affected by how we have been brought up through our family, education system and circle of friends. These continuously and perpetually shape up how we act and react. Many times our reaction to other people around us lead us to ‘judge’ what is normal and not.

Volunteering with Child labourers in India – a life changing experience by Ryan Pisani

This article is about something which has filled my heart and changed my life. Imagine yourself as parents; you get into some kind of debt with a landowner for a few hundreds of Maltese liri. The landowner tells you, “no problem, there is no need to pay me…. Just give me your children to work for me for the next 2 years”. And you accept because you do not think you have any other choice. You won’t see your children for the next, yes, 12 years.

This is the reality for over 40 million children in India.

Never Afraid to be Young by Katya Lautier

The Salesian Pastoral Youth Service (SPYS) has in the last week of July participated in Eurizon 2005 – a European youth encounter which this year took place in Prague – a city rich in history, culture and architecture, which was brought even further to life with about 150 young people gathered to celebrate a feast of joy, adventure and youth. Young people from nine different countries, namely Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Malta, Slovenia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Belgium and Poland met in the Salesian House in Kobylisy, the largest Salesian community in the Czech Republic.