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Eurotreff 2002

Eurotreff 2002_1
Writing down a few words about an experience lived and shared with other people for a bit less than two weeks is not that easy. There are many things one can write about, and some things may have struck me, which could be insignificant to others and vice–versa. On the other hand there are certain experiences that are not easily put into words! It was a very deep experience, on many levels and it would be untrue to leave one or more aspects out, however I’m sure you (the reader) appreciate that I will try to include those that were most meaningful to me. So this is my personal account of the SPYS’ trip to Vienna…!

The preparations for this experience began early in the year in order to be ready to live the experience to the full on all levels. The prime aim of the Eurotreff is the fact that it is a Salesian encounter of youths, and therefore the spiritual side of it is paramount. However, I must admit that meeting other young people from other countries with different cultures is something that I find irresistible, and is certainly one of the reasons why I wished to participate.

Pentecoste 2002

Pentecoste 2002_1
The Salesian Pastoral Youth Service (SPYS) celebrated the coming of the Holy Spirit with a group of around 60 young people who have been part of its formation programme. This annual event, on Saturday 18 May 2002, gave the group the opportunity to experience the presence of the Spirit in a youthful and original way. After driving down to a small bay near Selmun, a short prayer session introduced the theme of warmth, energy, courage and belief associated with the symbols of wind and fire.

Eurotreff 2001... A Magical Experience

Eurotreff 2001_1
Last Summer a Salesian had just arrived from Eurotreff 2000 and told me what a great experience it was. This year I was invited to join the Maltese group and I couldn’t just let such an experience pass by. My main aim for this week was to get the best of every experience and participate as actively as possible.

Eurotreff 2000

Eurotreff 2000_1
It is certainly an experience worth living! Around 160 young people from 10 different European nations shared a week of sharing, relaxing, praying, playing, sightseeing… Vienna was the ideal place for EuroTreff, the intercultural youth encounter held during the second week of August. The city provided a cultural, varied and well-organised backdrop to the event taking place in Don Bosco House at one end of the city.

The organisation was in the hands of a group of 30 young people most of who were in their late teens and early twenties. They were not only well co-ordinated and extremely helpful, but they were very creative both in the type of programme they set up, as well as in the various mini-shows they created to entertain those present.